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Team FAQs
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Faqtual makes your Customer Support faster and smarter

Faqtual’s powerful native apps work with all your key business tools

Faqtual ramps up your customer support

Deliver solutions faster with consistent communication to delight your customers and clients.

Faqtual combines your team’s FAQs and Snippets with next-level AI features in intuitive native apps for mobile and desktop.

See how customer support uses Faqtual

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See How Faqtual Can Help Your Team

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AI Reply Generation

Powerful iPhone App

Team Collaboration

Brilliant iPad App

AI Content Import

Rapid Shortcuts

Plug Ins Everywhere

Smart Search

Native macOS App

Simple Billing

Instant Sync


Perfect for small teams delivering personalized customer support



14-day free trial

2 Team Members

50 Monthly AI Credits

Shared FAQs and Snippets

AI Reply Generation

AI FAQ & Snippet Creation

Advanced Native Apps

BusinessMost Popular

Great for growing teams providing outstanding customer support



14-day free trial

5 Team Members

200 Monthly AI Credits

Priority Support

Shared FAQs and Snippets

AI Reply Generation

AI FAQ & Snippet Creation

Advanced Native Apps


Use Faqtual Enterprise for larger teams. Get enterprise priority support, advanced enterprise features, and AI prompt customization.

World-class Native Apps

Your team’s FAQs and Snippets work with any email, chat, or support tool – instantly.

Powerful AI Features

Get started instantly with AI Content Import – magically convert text, screenshots, chats, and web pages into actionable snippets and FAQs.

With AI Reply Builder, automatically craft messages from multiple pieces of knowledge while maintaining your personal touch.

Rapid Text Snippets

Expand entire customer support messages from a single keyword to save huge amounts of customer support team.

With brilliant fuzzy search, start typing and find what you need instantly.

Shared Team Smarts

Keep your whole customer support, sales, or recruiting team on the same page.

Your entire team’s knowledge is stored in a single place.

Praise for Our Other Products

”It's incredible Apple hasn't released a tool like this yet”
“Set up is a breeze, the features are outstanding, and support is super helpful.”
“It's a simple app, but incredibly fun”
”Why Apple hasn’t seen fit to build this function in… is a mystery surpassing human understanding.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faqtual?


Faqtual is powerful new product that boosts your customer support, sales, and recruiting teams.

Faqtual has brilliant native apps that let you share FAQs and snippets between everyone on your team.

This helps you align your communication, share answers, and make your support and sales load easier.

How do I use Faqtual?


Choose your plan, sign up for Faqtual, then download our native apps for mobile and desktop to get started.

Then, add any FAQs and Snippets you want to reuse. They’ll be available everywhere in Faqtual and you can start saving time and improving your communcation.

What’s the difference Faqtual Business and Faqtual Free?


Faqtual Business is our primary offering – it’s the full-featured version of Faqtual with team collaboration and AI features.

Faqtual Free is a single-device, single-user trial version of the app that’s great for testing things out and managing your FAQs and Snippets.

Is there a free trial?


Every subscription comes with a 14-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time.

What are AI Credits?


AI Credits correspond to the number of requests you can make to our AI models each month – each request to our AI services consumes 1 credit.

What’s your refund policy?


We have a 30-day money-back guarantee for your subscription.

Customer Support Help Desk Recruitment Sales

How Faqtual Helps Customer Support Teams

Our AI-powered text snippet and FAQs tool is like giving your customer support team superpowers!

It helps them zip through queries by instantly finding the right answers, so they can help more customers in less time.

This smart tool also learns and grows with your team, making their job easier by keeping the knowledge base up-to-date.

It's all about supporting your team’s well-being, reducing stress, and making their day-to-day more rewarding as they make every customer interaction count.

How Faqtual Helps Help Desk Teams

Our AI-powered text snippet and FAQs tool turbocharges your IT Help Desk team, empowering them to tackle tech issues faster than ever.

By instantly matching tech queries with precise answers, it slashes resolution times, helping your team assist more employees efficiently.

As it learns from interactions, it keeps your support content razor-sharp and relevant, lightening the load for your team.

It's not just about quick fixes; it's about uplifting your team's spirits by reducing burnout and making their contributions feel truly impactful.

How Faqtual Helps Recruitment Teams

Our AI-powered text snippet tool is a game-changer for recruitment teams, speeding up communication with candidates like never before.

It enables quick sharing of job details, interview tips, and answers to common questions, ensuring candidates stay informed and engaged.

By automating routine communications, it frees up time for your team to focus on personalized interactions where they matter most.

This tool doesn’t just make recruitment faster; it enhances the candidate experience, making your company stand out in a crowded job market.

How Faqtual Helps Sales Teams

Our AI-powered text snippet tool revolutionizes the way sales teams connect with leads, fostering stronger relationships and driving revenue growth.

It streamlines communication, allowing for rapid, consistent responses that keep potential customers engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

By freeing up time from drafting repetitive messages, your team can concentrate on crafting personalized strategies that convert leads into loyal customers.

This tool isn’t just about speeding up sales processes; it’s about building lasting connections that fuel long-term business success.

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